NEXT ACT! New Play Summit

Friday, October 21, 2016 to Monday, October 24, 2016


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Get a chance to weigh in on the titles being considered for future seasons at theREP!

NEXT ACT! now in it’s fifth year, is an expansion of Capital Repertory Theatre’s commitment to the development of new work and directly reflects the theatre’s mission, “to create meaningful theatre generated from an authentic link to the community.”

Together, theREP and our management partner Proctors will host this fourth annual event with productions at both the GE Theatre at Proctors and on theREP's iconic thrust stage.

This four-day summit will include events highlighting the process of new play development and afford an opportunity for playwrights, directors, actors and composers to share their ideas and passions for the craft of theatre with you, their audience.


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Scheduled Events
October 21 – Friday (at theREP)
Second Look: Paris Time by Steve Peterson at 7:30pm
(Pre & post-show cash bar; post-show mingle with desserts)

Anti-Semitism in today’s France sits at the core of Paris Time. What will transpire when American ex-pat Deborah’s attempts to protect a young Jewish Frenchwoman land her Gentile ex-pat husband in the corporate hot seat? Will he destroy his career to help?

October 22 – Saturday (at theREP)
New Voices at 2pm
(pre-show bagels, coffee & tea)
Musical Reading: Plan B Book by Michael Barakiva & Emily Mikesell, Music & Lyrics by Michael Hicks at 7:30pm
(Pre & post-show cash bar; post-show mingle with desserts)

If you love a good pun, are familiar with frustration, and enjoy musicals, than this is the show for you! In this cabaret style performance, Michael Hicks and Emily Mikesell discuss what it means to have a ‘plan b’ in life. Be that plan for the career choices made, or the men in ones life, these two will regale audiences on the general unreliability of DJs, why folks come to the theatre, and other valuable observations from lives lived happily with disappointment.

October 23 – Sunday (at the GE Theatre, Proctors, Schenectady)
First 15 at 12pm
(pre-show bagels, coffee & tea)
Reading of Honor Student by Michael Erickson at 5pm
(Pre & post-show cash bar; post-show mingle with desserts)

Freedom of speech and creative writing censorship collide with personal safety on a college campus. Lives are thrown into disarray when one student’s creative writing assignment – about a campus shooting – makes his professor truly afraid for her life. With her career and reputation on the line she begins to wonder if she’s over reacted, or if something deeper and more dangerous is truly lurking under the writer’s expression.

October 24 – Monday (at theREP)
5th Anniversary Reception with Donor Reception 5:30-7pm in café (invite only)
Reading of The Hands That Hold Us by Joe Breen at 7:30pm
(Pre & post-show cash bar; post-show mingle with desserts)

The Morgan family has been dealt their fair share of blows, tackling life’s obstacles with a set jaw and sharp wit. When 25-year old Alice’s cancer returns the family begins to question the idea of what it means to truly live. When do you stop “rolling with the punches,” standing idly by, and make an active decision?