Usher Contract

As a Volunteer at Capital Repertory Theatre, I agree to the following:

  • To work one performance of each production.
  • To arrive on time for each of my scheduled performances (one hour before curtain).
  • To notify the House Manager at least 48 hours in advance if I am going to miss my scheduled performance and to schedule a replacement. Also reschedule to another performance when needed.
  • To arrive alone for my assignments unless I have prior consent from the House Manager.
  • To be ready and willing to perform the following duties including (but not limited to): ticket tearing, handing out programs, seating, stuffing programs, guarding the set, and greeting patrons.
  • To participate fully in all activities before the show, during intermission, and immediately following the show. This includes (but is not limited to): picking up trash in the house before and after the show, cleaning up spills, assisting patrons in need, enforcing theatre policies (no photography, no food, lids on hot drinks, etc.).
  • To wear the Volunteer Uniform (dark bottoms, a white shirt, and a nametag) when reporting for my assignments, so that I may be easily recognized by patrons who may need assistance.
  • To be prepared to assist the House Manager in cases of emergency.
I understand that if I do not meet my obligations as stated above, I will first be given a warning, and then I may be removed from the usher program.

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